Comprehensive machine contracting

Our services

Our policy is to offer comprehensive service. We take care of everything from regeneration felling to forest's reforming.

Timber harvesting

Site-specific pricing.

We offer proper machines from first thinnings to regeneration fellings. Our machines are practical for energy logging, soft terrain and for demanding conditions.

Archipelago forestry services

Site-specific pricing.

Logging and forest's reforming happening in archipelago we can create customer-specific service. Work types: Mechanical logging, tillage, forestry, etc.

forestry advice

Site-specific pricing.

We offer forest specialist services: Forest counseling, forest planning, wood trade offer calculation and comparison, forest site fertilizing planning and offer calculation.

Power lines nearby forests

Project-specific pricing.

We provide management of bordering forests services to electric transmission companies

Forest's reforming

Site-specific pricing.

We offer all kinds of forest's reforming services e.g. excavator work. We strongly believe that we can find proper tools to all of our customers requirements.

Lumberjack services

Site-specific pricing.

Thinning tree seedlings, planting, special lumberjack / landscaping / removal of individual trees from difficult places, etc.

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